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Fabbri Group is the sales organisation for all Fabbri manufacturing companies and its subsidiaries. The Fabbri Group is committed to all commercial and promotional activities involving the Wheels including participation in shows, advertising, presentations, research and development.

Fabbri Group began manufacturing rides back in 1950. Over the years, Fabbri earned its place as an industry leader, playing a critical role in development of new ride designs and technologies. Today, Fabbri’s worldwide reputation for hard work and innovation, particularly in the area of Wheels, is unmatched. A highly developed knowledge of the leisure and entertainment business coupled with many decades of ride manufacturing makes Fabbri one of the most important and reliable world players in today’s market. Amongst Fabbri Group’s internal human resources, there is a plethora of highly qualified engineers and technicians, and most of these remarkable individuals have a lifetime of amusement ride manufacturing experience.

The Fabbri Group Giant Wheel division was recently launched. Their primary focus is identifying the most feasible and lucrative sites in the world. This division is globally researching prospective locations for various sizes of Giant Wheels ranging in height from 30 to 100 meters. These incredible Giant Wheels will not simply be profitable investments, but will virtually become known as the place where the legendary pot of gold is found at the end of the rainbow. Over 60 years of experience manufacturing rides, plus our sophisticated savoir-faire of the world Attractions market, makes the Giant Wheels Division one of the strongest benchmarks of our time with proven support and service for your future investment. Fabbri also presents you with the opportunity to make a feasibility study for your particular situation. Offering an infinite variety of options, we are able to create the perfect Giant Wheel for every spot, assuring the right Wheel fit for any environment.

Upon completion of their research, Fabbri Group provides customers with detailed projections about the Giant Wheel Investment, Profitability, and technical data. Our unparalleled assistance is a valuable resource not only in terms of recommending best commercial management and operation methods, but also in terms of providing superior technical support, including Service, Maintenance and Spare Parts.

A Giant Wheel is more than a simple ride or a Landmark. When positioned on the right spot, it becomes one of the most popular Attractions for Tourists and City visitors. Giant Wheel Passengers will feel safe and secure as they experience the unique thrill of riding the Giant Wheel, gently raising them up to its towering apex while they enjoy the exceptional 360 degree panoramic view of the horizon that permeates for miles in every direction. For an Investor, a Giant Wheel represents a rare, high profile opportunity for creating or enhancing a company’s image, branding, and above all an interesting and secure source of income for a lifetime.