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A Panoramic Wheel is an anchor attraction for every location and draws tourists like a magnet. Structurally, it instantaneously transforms the local horizon. A Panoramic Wheel is feat of architecture and engineering that becomes a widely recognized and prominent addition to any skyline. Globally, there are already several examples that have proven to be extremely successful. London, Paris and Singapore have impressive Giant Wheels in operation. These Wheels gracefully combine the latest technology with elegance and comfort. This short presentation focuses on the main points of how to logically and successfully insert such an investment into area Tourism, maximizing a Giant Wheel’s potential and offering entertainment and education to differing demographic groups such as students and schools, civic organizations, tourists and citizens, giving them a memorable and satisfying experience.


The operation of a Giant Wheel requires a technical staff composed of an operational director with and a number of assistants. This gives passengers seamless service for ticketing, queuing line organization and assistance to enter and exit the Wheel Cabins. Each Cabin is equipped with a communication system providing optimal information to the passengers as well as an emergency system. An emergency button is available to use in case of a sudden illness of a passenger inside the cabin.

360° Service

It is obvious that Giant Wheel must be accessible for all social groups. Consequently, the “pricing policy” must be determined in way to allow schools, associations, guided tourist groups, trade groups, and others that visit the city for business or pleasure to have access to the Wheel. In this way, “Visiting the Wheel” does not only represent a unique experience in the Wheel but it becomes also a place of reference for City Panoramic Viewing.

Panoramic Wheels worldwide

Nowadays we see a continuously growing trend in placing Panoramic Wheels in important and modern Cities such as Paris, France where the Wheel was placed near the Champs Elysees and in Greenwich, UK. In the same way many eastern cities are studying a future Wheel installation.

Positioning of the Wheel

The installation site of a Giant Wheel is of strategic importance for the City and must be carefully chosen. Most often, it is located in the City Centre, easily accessible by public transportation and convenient for all social groups visiting coming into the City. Successful existing Wheels demonstrate the importance of installing a Giant Wheel in areas “under Development” near City Centres.