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Giant Wheel 50, special customized version

GiantWheel50 GiantWheel50 GiantWheel50

Largest Indoor Wheel World-Wide. Installed on to of a building and completely covered with additional steel construction. The Wheel is approx 50 met high with 24 Swiss Close Cabin.

Giant Wheel 80

Recently, Fabbri Group manufactured an 80 meter Giant Wheel , which was erected in South East Asia. The Giant Wheel is equipped with deluxe, spacious, enclosed, air-conditioned cabins with full glazing, made and supplied directly from Switzerland.

Even V.I.P. cabins with transparent floors are added in order to give the possibility to receive or entertain “special guests or important business partners” for a meeting while enjoying a beautiful panoramic view in the Giant Wheel .

The Attraction is assembled atop a 40 meter high Shopping Mall, thus reaching a total height from ground level of approximately 120 meters. The Giant Wheel debuted during the Chinese Luna New Year 2010 and has already become a great success. Starting from this very positive experience, the Fabbri Group is now working on several new Giant Wheel projects in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Our division employs its creative genius to generate various innovative architectural solutions for Giant Wheels. The picture above displays one example of a method architects used to develop non-traditional avenues, and their desire to use the Giant Wheel as a new architectural object. These ideas enable you to create an incomparable solution for your Wheel that is not found anywhere else in the world.